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What is

Ospex is a open-source decentralized application (dApp) that allows users to speculate on the outcome of sports contests. Unlike traditional platforms, Ospex is characterized by its no fee / low fee structure, anonymity, and unrestricted access. It's designed to offer a transparent and fair environment for sports speculation.

Ospex users can create contests and speculations based on real-life sports events and participate by creating positions on potential outcomes.

Currently, Ospex is deployed on the Polygon network, leveraging its efficiency and lower transaction costs. To interact with the platform, you'll need a crypto wallet and specific tokens:

  • MATIC (Required): For transaction fees on the Polygon network.
  • USDC (Required): For creating positions and receiving winnings.
  • LINK (Optional): Utilized for creating and scoring contests. LINK must be converted to Polygon-compatible LINK via PegSwap.

Ospex is hosted on GitHub: Source code.